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The key to any relationship is communication.

That was the message to take from Sex Education Season 3 Episode 2, which found many relationships at an impasse due to -- you guessed it -- communication.

We'll start with Eric and Adam.

Big Changes at School - Sex Education

Their relationship is still fresh and new for them, but Adam has been conditioned by his father to think that showing any sort of emotion is bad.

It's tragic, but it also explains why Mr. Groff is in the current predicament he's in. More on Adam's father in a little!

Adam is getting the best character arc out of Sex Education Season 3 so far because he's showing tremendous growth.

Eric Kisses Adam - Sex Education Season 3 Episode 2

If you asked me if I thought he'd even be a part of the show after Sex Education Season 1 Episode 1, I'd have laughed in your face, but here we are, two seasons later, and he's becoming the best part of the show.

Adam getting upset about Otis throwing cold water over the relationship was needed. Otis, love him or hate him, is looking out for Eric, but Eric has chosen Adam, so his friend should be happy for him.

Obviously, Eric and Adam were going to face some hurdles before having sex, but I didn't expect Eric to be shouting "You ridiculous young man" at his boyfriend during their picnic.

The only positive is that the couple managed to overcome this bump in the road.

Hope Shocked - Sex Education Season 3 Episode 2

Adam has never asked for help with his schoolwork because his father has made him believe it's a sign of weakness.

As a result, Adam is at the bottom of all his classes. Hopefully, now that he's reached out for help, he'll be able to turn things around.

As for Mr. Groff, well, he's lost everything. If he communicated his true feelings to his wife and son more often, then maybe he'd have a family that gives a crap what happens to him.

Jason Isaacs is killing it as Peter Groff. The contrast between the brothers is night and day, and it looks like Michael's issues have stemmed from his childhood.

Bad Isaac - Sex Education Season 3 Episode 2

Michael strives for perfection like his brother, but it doesn't give him the results he thought it would.

Michael showing up at Colin's, intent on moving in for a while, was a shocker, but where else could he go?

He was a social pariah after the whole "Sex School" fiasco. It's a shame that his actions have brought him to this point of no return, but hopefully, he finds a way to making things right with his son and ex-wife.

Isaac coming clean to Maeve about deleting the voicemail and concealing that Otis came looking for her came out of nowhere.

Mustache - Sex Education Season 3 Episode 2

It was the type of revelation I expected on the penultimate episode of the season, but this series is delivering A+ storytelling this season.

Isaac is a worrisome individual. If he could lie about something like that, what other skeletons does he have in the closet?

Every single person Maeve gets close to hurts her in some way, so it's a wonder she trusts anyone.

She spent so long thinking Otis was her confidante, possibly something more, but she thought he ditched her.

Otis Stares Back - Sex Education Season 3 Episode 2

It's a horrible situation to be in because, without Isaac's manipulation, Maeve and Otis could be together and, well, happy.

Maybe Maeve will never be able to forgive Isaac for this betrayal of trust, but she's destined for bigger things than Moordale.

The internship in the U.S. sounds out of reach for her, but there might be a way to get funding to allow her this opportunity.

Maeve is one of the most intelligent characters on the show, but people tend to discount her because she's not as well off as everyone else.

It's a shame. She's had to scrimp and save to keep herself fed. Maeve will make something of herself, but she needs to not be too proud to accept help.

Maeve Stares - Sex Education Season 3 Episode 2

Her mother's return was inevitable, but it must cut deep that she won't have a conversation with her daughter. Maeve did what any sister would do by calling the police.

Erin was going off the deep end and taking risks, so Elsie deserved better. Anna seems nice enough, but Maeve will feel like she's betraying her mother by even being civil towards her.

Ruby is slowly becoming a better character because the show is developing her. There have been seeds strewn throughout the opening two episodes that will likely sprout into something more in the back half of the season.

Jean and Jakob's decision to co-parent will probably blow up in their faces. They have plenty of chemistry, but they can never seem to stay on each other's good side for any length of time.

Out the Car - Sex Education Season 3 Episode 2

The therapy might help them navigate their own relationship, but blending their families will come with many caveats.

Ola, understandably, is skeptical of what Jean could do to her father if something else happens. Jean wasn't exactly forthcoming with information about the pregnancy.

Then again, we dug deep into her psyche to explain her machinations for the decision. Becoming a parent is no easy task, but Jean recognizes that she's older than she was when she gave birth to Otis.

The series is moving along at a decent enough pace, and the growth of the characters is welcome.

New Power Couple - Sex Education Season 3 Episode 1

What are your thoughts on Isaac telling the truth?

Do you trust him?

Does Erin have any right to be rude to Maeve?

What's your take on Adam's communication issues?

Eric Talks - Sex Education Season 3 Episode 1

Do you think Eric needs to give him more time?

Is Hope going too far with the changes at the school?

Hit the comments.

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Sex Education Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Adam: You're going to ruin my makeup.
Eric: I will ruin you.

Adam: I look pretty.
Eric: Introducing Adamina from Moordale.