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The team busts a fake ID ring. Tufo and Carlos find over $100,000 in cash. They want to keep it, but Harlee tells them no. The money pops up as DEA currency when they enter it into the system. It’s money from the heist. Harlee suspects her ex-training officer and current junkie, Cady. 

Caroline, Nava’s ex-fiancee, is shot to death in a park. Harlee thinks she was killed with her back up gun when she finds it missing. She believes that Bianchi is setting her up. Harlee steals the bullet casing. Woz fires bullets from another 40 caliber weapon and uses them to cover for her. Then he goes to the morgue and removes the bullet from Caroline’s skull and replaces it with the new bullet. 

Tess doesn’t know that Harlee is being set up or that she’s dating Nava. Tess thinks that Nava is their best suspect. 

Vecro insists on going with Tess to get the surveillance camera recordings from Nava’s building. Harlee gets there and tries to delete the footage but she can’t get it done before Tess arrives. She tells Tess that she’s dating Nava and that she knows who killed Caroline and it wasn’t Nava. She asks Tess to cover for her.

Harlee confronts Bianchi, who tells her he still has her gun with eight more bullets in it. 

Without ballistics, the case hits a dead end, but Nava realizes that nothing good has come from his relationship with Harlee and he breaks up with her.  

Stahl gives Cristina a thumb drive with pictures of Miguel, but it’s actually a camera and listening device. He overhears when Cady arrives at Harlee’s door, delivering the money she gave him after the heist and promising to lay low. 

Verco slips Loman a photo of Woz and Donnie Pomp together, taking a selfie on a fishing trip. Verco also lets Woz know that he knows Donnie was secretly gay. 

Shades of Blue
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Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Be a fall guy if you want, Loman, but don’t make it so damn easy.


Listen to me very carefully, your baby doesn't need the world, she needs a mother she can look up to. This is your second chance. Don't blow it.