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Cole wants to run but Harlee asks him to give her one day to figure out a plan. Cole tells Harlee he agrees to testify against Ramsey. Harlee goes to Verco. She doesn’t give Cole’s name because she fears he’ll be killed but she tells Verco that if he convenes a Commission on Police Corruption, she and a witness will testify. She also asks him to broker a trade with the Feds for a wanted cartel member. No blowback, no questions asked. Verco is leery but he agrees. 

Wozniak heads to Adrian and Karen’s where they are holding Enrique. Enrique agrees to give Wozniak a contact for the cartel but the contact refuses to cut ties with Ramsey and leave Brooklyn. 

Harlee’s car is seized as part of the investigation into Gina’s murder because Agent Myers passed along the information about Harlee finding the knife in her car. Harlee notices an earpiece on Myers’ desk and suspects she’s been in contact with Stahl. She and Loman pull the original MTA subway footage to recheck and see that Stahl was following Harlee that night and that someone had doctored a copy of the video. 

Gail Baker puts Agent Myers on a full conduct review as the FBI realizes that Stahl is in New York. 

Linda returns home with Nate after visiting family upstate to find the police searching her house. Later, Nate confronts his father and tells him he can either do the right thing or the wrong thing. While drinking, Wozniak sees his deceased daughter again. He says he’s always trying to save her whether it’s on the streets or with Harlee and Cristina. She tells him that he can’t lose her but he needs to find himself.

Ramsey accosts Tess at a coffee shop. He’s offering to help her with her debt and her ex if she tells him where to find Enrique. 

Stahl returns home to find Agent Myers going through his things. She finds a tooth in a plastic bag. Stahl says it’s Miguel’s and it needs to be planted on Harlee to make sure she goes down for his murder. Stahl gets upset when he finds out that Harlee has been cleared of Gina’s murder. He wants Myers to plant the tooth at Harlee’s and when she refuses and tells him to run, he kills her. 

Harlee returns home to find Stahl there. She is unarmed and he has a gun. He plans to kill her and himself. Then Cristina comes home and goes straight to her room, appearing not to have seen Stahl. Harlee begs him to leave but he won’t. Cristina comes in to give Harlee a hug before she leaves again. Harlee turns her so she can’t see Stahl, but Cristina already knows he’s there. She has Harlee’s gun in the side of her jeans. She puts Harlee’s hand on it and whispers for her not to hesitate. 

Harlee turns and shoots Stahl three times. He falls to the floor, bleeding badly but is still alive. He says he’s glad it was her. Harlee shoots him a fourth time and kills him. 

Harlee and Cristina go to the same motel for the night where Cole is hiding out. Cristina tells Harlee she did the right thing and none of this was her fault. Harlee disagrees, goes into the bathroom and breaks down in tears. 

Shades of Blue
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Shades of Blue Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Harlee: You didn’t believe me. That’s okay. I didn’t believe myself. Myers had me thinking I was crazy.
Loman: So what now?
Harlee: Now I give her crazy.

Harlee: Ramsey’s going to expect you to leave. He’s going to have eyes everywhere.
Cole: One day. figure out your plan. If you don’t hear from me send flowers.