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- Monica and Bob are staying at the Gallagher house until Liam gets his paternity test.

- It turns out that Frank is Liam's father.

- Lip and Ian get paternity tests and find out that Ian's father is not Frank, but one of his brothers.

- Karen agrees to go to a purity ball so her Eddie will give her a car. He ends up calling her a whore and storming out.

- Sheila leaves the house for the first time in years.

- Monica gives Liam back to Fiona and leaves in tears.

- Frank uses Carl's arm injury to get insurance agents off of his back.


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Shameless Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

You wish you had a dick as big as mine!

Bob [to Frank]

Bob: Do we have a problem, PHILIP?
Lip: I don't know, BOB, let's see. You're camped out at my house, you're fucking my mother, and you're talking about stealing my baby brother. Why would we have a problem?