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On this installment of Shameless:

- Fiona tries to talk Veronica out of getting married since she knows Kevin’s secret.

- Kevin comes clean and they decide they don’t need a wedding.

- V’s mom tells her that her father left her money as a wedding gift that she can’t open until her wedding day, so the wedding is back on.

- Kevin and V decide to stage a fake wedding.

- While Frank is at the free clinic, the doctor tells him he needs a biopsy on his third testicle.

- Frank is convinced for the episode that he’s going to die until he finds out the tumor is benign/

- Anthony Anderson shows up as V’s brother who busted out of jail.

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Shameless Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Here's the happy couple, Kevin and Veronica, may you always have two testicles between you. L'Chiam!


I bet it itches like you got crabs in there.

Frank [to lady in body cast]