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Fiona and Lip arrive at the hospital to bring Ian home. The doctor tells them that Ian has been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder but isn't accepting his diagnosis. When they arrive home, Fiona leaves Debbie in charge of making sure Ian takes his medication. Later, with Debbie preoccupied, Ian flushes his medication down the toilet. 

A distraught Debbie goes to Fiona and later to Mickey to try and get help in getting the meds refilled. She even tries to pretend to be sick to get medicine from the hospital but isn't successful. 

Ian believes Mickey's absence means their relationship is over, but in the end he shows up to comfort Ian. 

Not knowing what the status of her marriage is, everyone gives Fiona advice on what to do with Gus. As he's about to go on tour, Fiona fights to save their relationship and even offers to meet him on the road in a few weeks. He laughs at the idea and their status remains in limbo.

Carl gets a job to run a large supply of drugs up to Michigan. When he tells Frank about the job, Frank suggests Carl strap the drugs to Chuckie. When they get to the bus station, police show up and Chuckie is arrested. It's later shown that Frank made the phone call tipping the police off. 

With Chuckie in jail, Sammi pleads with Carl and the family and even calls the cops to get Carl arrested. He is eventually apprehended and put in jail. 

Lip is still struggling to pay his tuition, so he had Kev come up to the college and sell pot. They make a few hundred dollars and Kev parties hard, eventually falling into bed with one of the students. 

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Shameless Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Carl: Whats it feel like to be crazy?
Ian: Um, like I'm under a wet blanket. And cotton mouth.

Debbie: He's [Ian] totally Monica.
Frank: Without the great ass.