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Fiona come clean to Gus about her affair with Jimmy/Steve. Fiona explains she has unfinished business with him and Gus asks to meet him in person. When they meet, Gus punches Jimmy/Steve in the face and storms off, explaining to Fiona that she could do better. Later, Fiona tells Jimmy/Steve she wants him to let her go and he agrees before leaving. 

V moves out of the house and into the area above the Alibi. Unsure if they are broken up or not, Kevin allows Svetlana to move in and take over the wifely duties of the house. 

Ian wakes up in the psychiatric hospital and is unsure where he is. After attempting to leave and being restrained by a guard, Ian meets with a doctor but refuses to admit he is sick. When Mickey and Fiona come to visit, Ian zones out and leaves abruptly. 

Sammi and Frank continue to clash after Frank returns from the hospital. After a series of back and forths, Sammi pulls a gun on Frank demanding that he admit he needs her. After grazing him on the arm, Frank tells her what she needs to hear. 

Lip can't see his class schedule and learns that he hasn't filled out the proper paperwork for his financial aid. 

After helping Chuckie on the first day of school, Carl makes Chuckie his slave. 

Debbie tells Derek she likes him and he admits he likes her as well. 


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Shameless Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Carl: You should quit while you're ahead.
Debbie: He'll out-Frank ya every time.

Fiona: No, I have to tell you something.
Gus: What's wrong?
Fiona: I slept with my ex.
Gus: You slept with...Since we've been married?
Fiona: Yesterday.
Gus: We had sex yesterday.