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Fiona writes a letter for Gus' ex-wife explaining her side of the events that led to her child holding a gun, but Sean makes it clear to her that they are on thin ice and makes sure that she feels bad for what happened. 

Fiona is upset and tries to get his attention, but he tries to avoid her until she explodes in a fit of rage when she has to go to a divorce hearing with Gus and she hasn't been able to obtain his ring again.

Fiona finds herself in cahoots with a shady lawyer who has wanted a big case all of his life and puts her on a path of revenge against Gus, but she tries to play it cool. 

In the end, Gus and his lawyer tell Fiona to cough up $15,000 for the ring, but her lawyer refuses and plays dirty. Sean shows up after buying the ring on his credit card and proposes to Fiona after giving Gus the ring. 

Gus looks shocked as Sean throws the ring his way. 

Carl continues to try and turn his life around, but his girl makes it clear she's with him even without the money and they break each other's virginity. 

Lip finds himself in trouble when his continued drinking lands him in hospital and he doesn't have money to pay the fees. 

Mandy shows up and asks for Ian's help when a client dies while he's with her. Ian forces her to tell the police he took a stroke. She then goes to his house and she runs into Lip the next morning, but she runs off. 

Frank runs off with Debbie, Queenie and Chuckie to the commune when his life is at risk from the gangs that plague Chicago. He has his work cut out for him as he quickly realizes that he needs to work for the opportunity to stay there.

Kevin gets Svetlana in trouble when he informs a police officer she is an illegal immigrant and she's forced to marry V to stay in the country.

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Shameless Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Customer: Where's my change?
Svetlana: In tip jar.
Customer: I didn't ask to tip $5.
Svetlana: Exactly.

Debbie: Where's your house?
Queenie: My tent's right up there.
Debbie: Your tent?