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Carl finds himself in to deep with the gangs, but when he decides to quit before something happens to him, Frank takes over his duties. The gang are less than impressed, but they let Frank do it for the time being. 

Veronica has a conversation with Carl after he is attacked and gives him the courage to announce that he's leaving the gang, but they don't let him. 

They are swayed into it when they take Carl and Sean's clothes and car. 

Fiona watches Sean's son, but she finds herself in hot water when he steals one of Carl's guns and Sean gets scared that if he tells his mother, he won't be allowed to see him anymore. 

Fiona takes Carl home to put the rest of the guns out the house. 

Debbie meets a new man, but after wining and dining her, she finds out he has a fetish for pregnant women and has one for every month of the pregnancy. 

Lip is having erectile dysfunction due to his recent stress from everything with Helene, but Queenie helps fix his issues by rubbing his feet. 

Ian and Caleb take things to the next level and Ian meets Caleb's friends and an ex, but everything goes smoothly.

They come clean to each other about what's haunting them. Ian confesses he has bipolar and Caleb lets him know he is HIV positive. 

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