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Carl decides to get some renovations done on the house, but Fiona is pissed when he replaces the stairs with a slide. 

He makes it clear to her that he owns the house and she isn't happy with it and is quick to mention that it's in her name, so he should watch out. 

Frank and Queenie are making themselves acquainted, but the rest of the family are pretty against the pairing, but kind of let them get on with it.

Queenie only believes in organic products and it leads to her and Fiona clashing.

Lip is thrown out of the halls of residence and a girl gets him an interview in her sorority. The other girls quickly fall for him, but he's thinking of Helene.

He gets drunk and goes to her house and shouts at the window, but he throws a glass bottle at the wall when he doesn't get a reply from her.

He then ditches one of the girls from the house when she wants to go into his room.

Kev and Veronica take a break when the refugee kids are taken away from them and go to a hotel, but it's as seedy as you would imagine. 

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Shameless Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Sean: Does Frank still have that hippy over there?
Fiona: Yeah, doing who knows what.

Hey Drew, I want that delivery here in an hour. If not, somebody's going to get docked.