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Frank has a vivid dream in which he sees Fiona in a wedding dress, Ian being sucked off by a dude, Debbie's baby swimming away from Debbie while attached to the umbilical cord. 

Eventually, he wakes up in hospital and finds out he's been out cold for a month. He is shocked to the core to learn that he's owes over $150,000. 

Ian and Caleb have been distant, and things only get worse when it becomes clear Caleb is hiding something from Ian. 

Caleb announces that he is going out for dinner with an old school friend and awkward invites Ian along. 

Ian declines because he doesn't want Caleb to think he doesn't trust him. After a chat with Sue, he is even more suspicious and decides to tail him to the dinner. 

Everything looked fine when he did meet with Denise, but things went awry when they started making out with each other. 

Fiona struggled in Patsy's in the wake of Sean's exit and was offered extra money to be manager for longer. 

Carl was worried when Dom did not want to have oral sex with him and he found out he was the only brother who was uncircumcised. 

He used the money he buried and got circumcised. 

Debbie found herself stealing strollers to make some quick cash to ensure that Franny got the upbringing she deserved. 

Lip got out of rehab and tried to turn his life around. 

Svetland, Veronica and Kevin continued to operate as a family unit.

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Shameless Season 7 Episode 1 Quotes

Sweet baby mother of Jesus, John Doe is alive!


Denise, not Dennis. She's married with kids.