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Frank breaks into the house and messes with Sean's things, before stealing his money and credit card. In the morning, the family realize that Frank got in and Sean is annoyed. 

He and Fiona go to get last minute stuff ready for the wedding and go to dancing lessons. 

Frank goes to see the man who he gave the money for the hit, but the man says that he isn't doing it and it forces Frank to find another way to go about it.

He starts by going to Sean's work and breaks in to find something against him. 

At the wedding, Frank appears and informs his family that Sean is still using. Sean runs off to find Will and when he comes back he lets Fiona know that Will is his priority and walks away from her.

Debbie goes to the doctor with Frannie and finds out he has a rash. The doctor pushes for Debbie to get help from her family and she decides to be more open with her family. She tells Lip that he needs help or he's going to become Frank. 

Lip takes her up on the advice and goes to a treatment facility, but did he go in?

Ian tries to get an old job back before deciding that he isn't giving up his dream and manages to get his job back.

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Shameless Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

Are you wearing cologne?


Debbie: I don't even think I'm coming.
Fiona: To my wedding?