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Fiona decided she wanted to make something of her life and set out to make sure she was putting herself first for a change. That included giving everyone in the house an invoice that will allow them to stay there. It was met with a terrible reception from her siblings, but she was so over being used. 

In order for her to get to where she wanted to be, she had to research routes she could take to get a job she wanted. This meant looking up the woman who owned Patsy's Pies. 

After Lip made a comment about Fiona's job not getting her anywhere, Fiona made it her mission to ensure that she would get somewhere. This gave her the upper hand when she showed how successful the woman was. 

Lip continued to be against all of the people at his internship. He felt like he was working for nothing, not getting any experience. This made him rebel against his boss, but Fiona's speech sent him back. 

Ian went off the rails and unstrapped a mentally ill patient and it led to her running out the back of the ambulance and being hit by a car. His boss calls Fiona in to get him and a video of Ian sends him home for some time off. 

Carl wondered why Dom was steering clear of him and was shocked to the core when her father went after him, because he apparently gave her and STI. This forced Carl to confide in his brothers, but it was revealed that he was clean, meaning Dom was cheating on him. 

When he followed her, she went to a frat house and Carl took a picture of them kissing and reported back to her father. This allowed Carl to exact revenge by storming the house with her father. 

Debbie continued stealing, but it all came to a head when she was caught in a store. Fiona went to bail her out, but the store assistant said Debbie would need to pay for all of the items or the police would be involved. 

Fiona then lied that Debbie had learning difficulties and the store clerk let her go without penalty. 

Frank continued to rebel against his family and got himself a new one, but the homeless shelter they were living in got shut down. Frank then stole a house and opened his own homeless shelter. 

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Shameless Season 7 Episode 3 Quotes

Carl: Luthor, what's up?
Luthor: What's up is you gave my daughter gonorrhoea you little shit.

I am just as likely as anyone of this family to make something of myself.