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Ian left for work to be greeted with a phone knocked down on the street at his feet. Mickey called on it and told him to meet him at the docks later. 

Ian went to work and played ill in order to get away. After being kidnapped, he got to meet Mickey, who was different. Mickey was distant, but he left Ian with another phone they could stay in contact with. 

At the next meeting, they spend the night together, with Mickey offering Ian the chance to run with him to Mexico. After going back and forth, Ian decides to go on the run with Mickey and they leave for Mexico. 

Meanwhile, Kev and V tried to get rid of Svetlana after she changed everything into her own name, with Kev winding up at the same lawyer who helped Fiona with Gus. 

Fiona made things right between her and V when she realized what was going on and the two friends had a heart-to-heart about how different things were for them. 

Fiona was struggling as Margo offered her double for the laundromat to redevelop the building. She didn't know whether to kick Etta to the curb. 

Frank and Monica reeled Neil in to help them steal a bus to get money.

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Shameless Season 7 Episode 10 Quotes

If you want to piss away every single chance that comes your way, that's your problem, but don't drag me into it.


Liam: I'm doing CPT.
Fiona: CPT?
Liam: Coloured people time.