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Monica and Frank decide that the best way for them to move on with their lives together, is to get married. They scrambled to get the whole family involved in their planning, but only Debbie wanted to give them the time of day. 

She felt like it was the best for Frannie. She also tried to make sure Lip got his life back on track. When the wedding eventually arrived after Monica and Frank got in a fist fight, they were brought together by the nuptials. 

After a night of partying with everyone there, Frank woke up to find Monica dead in his arms. 

Fiona pressed on with the sale of the laundromat and quickly found herself in an awkward situation when a new man offered to sell her a building for a cheap price. 

Kev continued to try and find a way to save himself and V from being kicked out of the house after Svetlana's betrayal. He got a job working in the gay bar Ian worked in and was an instant hit with the customers. So much so that he was offered $500 to get a hand job from the customers. 

Ian and Mickey went on the run in Mexico, but Ian quickly realized there was no way he could live a life on the run and sent Mickey over the border himself. 

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Shameless Season 7 Episode 11 Quotes

This place is a shit hole.


Ian: No, you gotta... it's the other-
Mickey: Do I tell you about EMT shit? Leave the god damn stealing to the experts.