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Fiona decided to give up casual sex in favor of advancing her career. She met up with Nessa and got the low down on everyone in the apartment complex. She then managed to let out the other apartment for $1000, which was quite a bit over the asking price. 

Debbie continued her studies, but she made a mistake by leaving Franny with Neil while she went out and flirted with another man. 

Ian tried to win Elliot back, and he found himself offering free healthcare to the youth home. Elliot made it clear he would not be winning him back. 

Lip looked after Sierra's kid to try and win her back, but he was shocked when she brought Charlie home with her after a night out. It made Lip run off and get rid of his $9000 he got from Monica's money so that he could not spend it on her. 

Veronica managed to get rid of Svetlana by calling immigration on her and declaring that she's a Russian prostitute. 

Kevin gets a shock when he lets a guy pay to touch him up, and he notices a lump in his breast. This, in turn, sends Kevin to get looked over and he needs to get surgery to check if it is cancer. 

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Shameless Season 8 Episode 1 Quotes

Frank: It came out great, Carl.
Ian: Where the hell have you been?
Frank: Smoked up all my meth, got over your mother and now I'm a new man.

Veronica: So, no more Tinder?
Fiona: No, V. I'm done with it. No more pointless sex bent over a dirty sink in a club bathroom, scraping my ass on a rusty ally dumpster with my underwear scraped around my ankles.