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Fiona realizes it's time to make some changes to her life. 

However, she struggles to make the right decision when she is pulled in a variety of directions. 

She turns to Ian to find out his view on the matter, but he tells her to get the hell out of the South Side and start something new. 

He also tells her that he's working in the infirmary while Mickey is doing the laundry. 

Fiona returns home, packs her stuff and gets ready to leave, but the family ambushes her. 

They go out, get things for a party, but return to find that she has left because she feared she would change her mind. 

Debbie finds a check for $50k from Fiona. 

Carl is offered an assistant manager role at the fast food joint, but Kelly flips out and tries to make him see sense. 

In the end, they get back together and he agrees to go back to school. 

Meanwhile, Debbie tries to get Liam back home. 

Tammi finds out she has brka one and that she should have the child. 

Lip says he will support her and they have sex. 

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Shameless Season 9 Episode 14 Quotes

Lip: Any ideas?
Fiona: We can't like drug him and dump him under a bridge.
Carl: Why not?

Brad: How are you doing, Tammi?
Tammi: None of your fucking business, Brad.