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Fiona finds herself thrown out of the Gallagher house, so she has a debate with Lip. 

Lip says she needs to hit rock bottom, but Frank stepped in to tell his son that Fiona has always been there for him. 

Lip reiterates that she needs to fall apart to get better. 

Frank takes Fiona under his wing and the pair try to make some money when the power goes out. 

They make a lot but Fiona starts to get greedy and wants to take the cuts of other people. 

She wakes up the next morning and attends the A.A. meeting Lip goes to. 

Elsewhere, Lip tries to get in contact with Tammy, but she doesn't want to hear it. 

She later tells him she's worried about potentially have a child and how it will change her life. 

Lip says he will be there every step of the way if she wants him to, and she responds that he gets 1 vote in the matter while she gets 99. 

Debbie and Carl vie for the attention of Kelly, but they are both left at odds when Kelly dumps Carl and heads home. 

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Shameless Season 9 Episode 12 Quotes

Carl: Oh.
Tammi: What do you mean oh? Shut up.

Everyone remain calm. People do crazy shit when the electricity goes out.