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Bob Lee talks Harris into getting him access to the congressional meeting where Brooks will be. Before he can get to Brooks, Bama tells him that he has eyes on Julie and knows where they are. Bob Lee warns Julie about Atlas being after them. 

Nadine and Isaac try to get information out of the Atlas recruits that they caught fleeing the camp. Two of them asked for money in exchange for giving information. The last one wanted his freedom. Nadine realizes that this person is the one who knows more than he is trying to let on. 

It turns out that he's an active agent. He contacts Red Bama and tells him what happened and about Russo being dead. He also leads Nadine and Isaac to where the explosives that will be used during Atlas' attack are. 

Bob Lee and Harris are finally able to kidnap Brooks. Bob Lee takes him out into the woods and wants to shoot him. He and Brooks talk about Earl, and Brooks calls Earl weak. 

Harris calls Nadine to tell her that Bob Lee may kill Brooks, and she tells him to go stop him and that she's on her way. She has to abandon her post she and Isaac are at and leave him on his own. 

Harris is headed to tell Bob Lee to stop, but Atlas agents show up. He warns Bob Lee about them, but the Atlas agents have them outnumbered. Harris has to distract them and is shot at. Bob Lee threatens to shoot Brooks. 

Nadine and Margo show up with backup. They have a shootout with a couple of the Atlas agents. Brooks grabs Bob Lee's gun and shoots himself in the head because he knew Bob Lee wouldn't and he felt it was a true Patriot's death. 

Bob Lee and Harris are arrested by the Feds. 

Isaac goes in to investigate the location and is knocked out by an Atlas agent. The agent sets the place on fire, and Isaac narrowly escapes it. 

An agent comes to kill Julie while she's at their hotel in Albuquerque. She grabs her gun and gets Anne and Mary out of there. They go off the grid. 


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Shooter Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Harris: You're paying off Atlas agents now?
Nadine: We have a play.
Harris: Does your new band of mercenaries have a name yet? Because the A Team's taken. [Looks at Isaac] You cannot be OK with this, right? [Bob Lee enters]. Thank you, someone, reasonable finally shows up.
Bob Lee: Harris, I need you to get me into a congressional hearing.
Harris: Ugh, I fucking hate you guys.

Nadine: I heard there were dozens of Atlas agents at the campus. You only brought three?
Isaac: They weren't exactly lining up to be taken in.