Ryn and Nicole - Siren Season 2 Episode 7
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A group of fishermen finds a dead body. 

The body is Xander's father and the medical examiners call the feds. 

Sheriff Bishop gets his job back at the station. Dale moves Susan into her new place.

Everyone who was on the boat during the time of Sean's death is detained at the police station. 

Ryn and Cami run into Nicole on Xander's boat while looking for him. 

Ben's dad comes to the station and calls his lawyer. 

The tank water has become insufficient for the mermaids. They need the real ocean to survive. 

Nicole decides to convince Ryn to come with her willingly rather than by force. 

Maddie goes to the station and Ryn stays behind. Nicole tries to convince Ryn to come with her and promises to protect her friends. 

Calvin and Ben fight over what to tell the FBI. Ben confesses to killing Sean in order to protect everyone, but the feds don't buy his story. They are all being transported to

After hearing Ben is being held, Ryn goes to Nicole and agrees to go with her to be studied if they let Ben go.

Nicole gets into a car with the two officers who were interrogating Ben and his friends. 

Helen and the mermaids find a cave with 

The sheriff lets them all go as the charges have been dropped. 

Xander goes to visit his mom.

Ryn reunites with Ben and her friends and they all sit at the bar.

Ben mentions that the military may have been watching them all along and Xander looks suspiciously at Nicole. 

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Siren Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Unless [the military] has been here watching us this whole time.


It was me. I did it.