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Nicole takes Ryn to the military base. 

A doctor tries to take a blood sample and Ryn tries to attack him. Nicole calms her down. 

Ben and Maddie speak to the reporter whose story was previously shut down by Ben's family. 

After talking to him, Ben and Maddie make a plan to take out the sonic cannon and cause permanent damage so the mermaids can go back to the water. 

Nicole asks her superior what they plan on doing with Ryn but he tells her it's above her security clearance.

Helen lets Rick say goodbye to the mermaids. 

Xander confronts Nicole about how she's been helping the military. 

Helen gives Sarge a necklace to remember her by. 

Ryn tells Ben and Maddie she may not be coming back and they have sex. 

Ted realizes Elaine's medical issues are worse than they thought and decides to move up her appointment.  

The reporter tries to question Ted at the party. 

Helen realizes there is an unexpected camera on the monitor so she calls Rick to help disconnect it. 

After the mermaids enter the water, Cami tries to attack Xander and sets the boat on fire. Calvin and Xander are left trying to put it out.

Ryn succeeds in destroying the Klesco drill ship but Sarge is badly hurt. 

Ted watches the chaos on the live feed and sends a knowing glare at his son. 

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Siren Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

We don't want this big fight. But we must, so we can go back home.


The way you grow new tissue, maybe it can help people like them.