A Shocking Discovery - Siren
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Commander Kyle catches Ben in an unauthorized area, but Ben is able to jog Chris' memory and make him realize he's from Bristol Cove.

Ryn tells Maddie she's not pregnant, and Maddie tells her that they can try IVF to make a baby. 

The Commander tells Ben that Chris has been exposed to Ryn's siren song for the past few weeks and his brain scans have improved.

Beth shows Helen her family's safe haven in case their secret is ever discovered. 

Ryn tells the merman to stay behind so they can use him as a doner for IVF. 

Ben takes Chris home with him and Xander and gets rid of the cameras in his house. Xander becomes increasingly worried about Nicole. 

Unable to trust the military, Helen calls Beth to see if one of their family doctors can do IVF for Ryn. The military will have to extract and fertilize the egg, and then Ben and Maddie will have to steal the embryo so Helen's doctors can implant it in Ryn. 

Ben's mom starts to get feeling back in her legs. 

Ian sees Ryn in town and helps her turn off the alarm on her phone. 

Chris gets random flashes of memories and continues to hear Ryn's siren song. 

Ian shared Ryn's location to his phone, and waits outside the military facility. 

Moments after Ryn's operation, the military shares that the process has already been a success. Ryn fakes pain to give Ben and Maddie time to steal the embryo. 

Commander Kyle tells Ben they need to extra more STEM cells from Ryn for his mom. 

Xander gets a message from Nicole telling him not to contact her again. 

Ben and Maddie take Ryn to Beth's family doctor. 

Ted goes to Susan's house to ask if she remembers anything he said about his wife's accident. She tells him he thought he saw a woman attack him under the water. 

Beth tells Ryn that transforming the lower half of her body will make her stronger for the implantation, but Ben and Maddie are hesitant. Ian sneaks into the house and gets a video of the entire ritual. 

Xander goes back to Nicole's motel room and the maid tells him Nicole was forced to leave with someone in a military uniform. 

Chris goes back to the military facility. 

Unknown to Ryn, Beth's doctor implanted the first embryo in someone else. 

Beth tells the family that she and Helen are Pownalls. 

Ian sneaks into Ryn's room and kidnaps her. Ben and Maddie go after him, but he drives away. 

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Siren Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Xander: There was no sign of Nicole in there?
Ben: No. Did you text her again?
Xander: Yeah, like twenty times!

We have a plan in place. We'd go into hiding if necessary. We're well supplied. Even our medical needs could be handled from here.