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Ben struggles over his last encounter with Ryn while Ryn mates in the water. 

Xander shows Helen the empty graves. 

Ryn comes back and tells Ben to call Maddie. Ryn tells her she's not with baby. 

The military wants to do fertilization tests on Ryn, but Maddie tells them Ryn is in the water. 

Ben listens to the recording of Ryn's song again. Xander comes in and snaps him out of it. 

Maddie tells Ryn that the water is too polluted for them to have babies. Ben suggests she mates on land in human form. Ryn brings a merman back to Helen's. 

Xander texts Nicole but doesn't recieve a response. 

Ben and Maddie are unsure if Ryn's baby will be human or not, but she insists that it will be family. They take her and the merman to a cabin. 

Two of the mermaids show up at the bar. 

Ryn tells Ben that when his relatives killed her people it started with love, just like how Ben loves her. She no longer trusts him for keeping his family's history a secret. 

Xander finds the mermaids and tries to get them out of the bar. 

Helen and Ted exchange letters from their parents. 

Ryn has sex with the merman, which Ben struggles with. 

Xander tries to find a place for the mermaids to stay. 

Maddie tries to convine Ryn to forgive Ben. 

Xander keeps trying to reach out to Nicole but she doesn't answer. 

Ben hallucinates himself killing Ryn. Ryn tells Ben she trusts him and doesn't want him to feel any more pain. 

Xander takes the mermaids to the cabin with Ryn. They also mate. 

Ben goes to the military base to help Xander find Nicole. 

Helen tells Beth she thinks the military raided her family's graveyard. Ben finds the bodies in the military lab and finds Chris watching television.

Chris doesn't remember who Ben is. 

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Siren Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Maddie: I think we found out why and the others aren't getting pregnant. The ocean water test results came in. They're not good.
Ryn: What is wrong with water?
Maddie: It's polluted.
Ben: There are substances, BPAs from garbage...plastics...
Maddie: Causing fertility problems just like we thought.
Ryn: No babies in water.
Maddie: No.

Ben: Ryn found out about my family...what they did. She thinks that I was trying to hide it from her.
Maddie: Were you?
Ben: I don't know. Maybe.