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John Noble debuts this week on Sleepy Hollow, while Ichabod goes missing.

Abbie and Ichabod attend a local baseball game and for Ichabod says he felt for a brief moment he felt as if he, too were at home.
Ichabod visits Katrina's grave and is shot in the neck with a dart and kidnapped.
Abbie falls into a trance and Katrina meets with her in the doorway she has created to connect with the witnesses to warn her about Ichabod's abduction and the spell, but is chased by the headless horseman to get there.
Abbie confides in Capt. Irving about the Sin Eater and how Ichabod is connected to the horseman and that hurting him means hurting Ichabod.
Abbie gets Jenny a furlough to get help her find the Sin Eater.
Ichabod is a freemason.
Ichabod first meets Katrina when asked to help the government get Arthur Bernard to confess. Bernard's talk of demons.
Ichabod interrogated him for three days and was then called away to witness a public hanging, to which he believed might brew a new breed of enemy. It was then that he saw Tarleton for who he was. A demon.
Katrina tells Ichabod back then that he possesses the gift to bear witness. 
Abbie tells Jenny she felt like a rug remnant with Jenny, and then Jenny and then with Ichabod.
Abbie tracks down Henry Parrish. He doesn't do it any more because he lost himself.
Merely touching Abbie and Henry Parrish saw where Ichabod was located.
Ichabod lets Arthur Bernard go free, only for him to be shot in the back. Ichabod then stabs the demon and goes to Katrina to say "Order out of Chaos."
Katrina broke the trust of the masons because they wanted Ichabod dead because of his ties to the horseman. 
Ichabod tries to tell Abbie he must kill himself to end the apocalypse.
Ichabod drinks the potion, and then the Sin Eater shows up.
The horseman feeds on Ichabod's regret. He has to be free to fight it with Abbie.
Once their bond is broken, the horseman goes to the pit that held Ichabod to feel his life.
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Open your eyes sir. Yes you! Basket face. I thought only horses slept standing up!!


I consider myself a sporting man, but why must you insult that gentleman for inciting a rule infraction? I fail to see the point.