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Ruth and the jackboots enter The Tail to take the significant arm deemed punishment for the revolt. They select Winnie but Winnie's mother, Suzanne, convinces Ruth to take her arm instead. The arm is thrust out of the train car into the outside and freezes solid. The jackboots then smash it off.

The rebellion's leaders are put into comas in The Drawers.

Cavill is in her quarters when the train is rocked by a small avalanche. She looks briefly at a photograph of herself holding a child and then visits the Engine Car and the engineers. She's warned the speed keeps triggering avalanches.

Roche and Till let Layton out for his breakfast. Roche assigns Till as Layton's partner.

Tailies are pulled uptrain to do sanitation detail. Layton notices.

Cavill deals with First Class passengers upset about Layton's upgrade from the Tail during a rebellion to investigate the murder.

Till takes Layton to the Third Class noodle bar to meet the tunnelman who found the murder victim.

Nikki Genet is being brought out from The Drawers but it isn't going smoothly and Cavill wants to see Klimpt's data in order to assess whether Nikki will be able to be awakened.

Till and Layton enter the Night Car where Miss Audrey is singing. Layton interviews her about Nikki's arrest two years before. She is certain that Nikki was a victim of Wilford's need for a quick resolution to the murder. Layton spots Zarah across the room. Audrey convinces Till to let Andre experience the true offering of the Night Car. Zarah leads him through a meditation into his memory of the world before The Freeze. He relives his love for Zarah and they have sex, swept away by old feelings. Afterward, Zarah tells him that the more recent murder victim, Shawn, her partner, was probably a snitch for Wilford.

At Shawn's autopsy, Layton points out that the missing limbs were probably harvested by the train's butchers, that the meat in Till's beef noodle lunch was probably human.

Till and Layton are blocked from entering the cattle car.

Cavill leaves Klimpt and Jinju debating the viability of The Drawers and notices the train's sudden vibrations. The train is hit by a huge avalanche and a bolt pistol held by a butcher in the cattle car breaks the window, causing a breach, killing everyone inside.

A breachman arrives and the jackboots let Till and Layton into the freezer for a quick inspection. Layton finds a loose vent cover and Till opens it to find a stash of human limbs.

Bennett and Cavill meet with the breachman and Cavill orders rolling blackouts to accommodate the reduction in speed to allow the breachman to assess the damage to the cattle car.

In The Tail, the blackout hits while Winnie's brother, Patterson, is blowing Osweiller for pain meds for his mother who is suffering pain and shock after the loss of her arm.

Bennett and Jinju advise Cavill, and she orders a ration of running water to Second and Third class and cuts off The Tail's water altogether. Apprentices will be taken uptrain to keep morale up. Ruth calls up three children and Miles is one of them.

Till and Layton reason that the butchers took the limbs after Shawn was killed so they aren't the murderers. Layton wants to actually solve the case so he won't pin it on the dead butchers.

Till locks him up and he pulls out the items he's taken throughout the day, drawing a map of the train cars he has seen on a strip of fabric. He picks the lock on his cell and gets out into the hallway as the sanitation crew heads back to The Tail. He leaves arrows on the floor to direct attention to the map which he's dropped on the ground. He distracts the jackboot guards and gets beaten up, hoping the Tailies can get the map.

Miles and Josie say their goodbyes. She warns him they may never meet again but he insists they will after the revolution.

Cavill lectures Layton on the Order that maintains survival on Snowpiercer. Layton reveals what he's learned about the murder case.

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Snowpiercer Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

They can take our limbs, our children, our leaders. They keep trying to take our dignity. But any survivor will tell you they checked their dignity at death's door. The more they steal from us, the more human we become. Humanity will fill our bellies one day. When we eat the rich of Snowpiercer, one thousand and one cars long.


You'd think, with all we've lost, defeat would break us. But the only reason we're here is we refuse to die in the first place. We're as persistent as the cold, forever trapped beneath the ice. We keep our eyes on the floor, dig our nails in, and prepare to brace.