On Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 4, Audrey has a traumatic reunion with Wilford when the Night Car hosts him. Snowpiercer & Big Alice's crews mingle, finding common ground

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Wilford offers Snowpiercer the services of the Drs. Headwood to treat the frostbite victims of Icy Bob.
Layton invites Wilford to bring some guests to a celebration in the Night Car for the occasion of Melanie's first uplink to a weather balloon.
Audrey agrees to get close to Wilford even though it'll be traumatic for her.
Ruth feels shut out of Layton's plans. Zarah offers to join Hospitality to bridge the two.
Tailies jump Boki in the Market and a fight breaks out between the breachmen and the Tailies.
Till confides her fears and trauma in Pastor Logan.
The Headwoods feel that Josie's wounds are too severe to treat on Snowpiercer and instruct that she be transferred to their lab on Big Alice.
Josie asserts that The Tail must stand by Layton. The Tailies bring Miles to see her and he tells her that he's engineering the life systems for the future colony.
She is transferred over.
The Big Alice contingent arrives in the Night Car. Audrey performs and then takes Wilford to a therapy room. She's told Zarah to come get her after 30 minutes.
Their session is intense and leads back to Wilford making Audrey cuts her wrists so that he can save her. He begs her to dominate him.
LJ finds Alex and takes her to an observatory bubble where she shares her encyclopedias and weed with her. They discuss their respective mothers.
Amelia (from Big Alice) discovers Murray and they bond over their Aussie-ness. Z-Wreck connects with Sykes.
Melanie uplinks to the weather balloon to Wilford's disappointment.
Layton checks in on Audrey while Wilford looks in on Josie.

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On Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 4, Wilford returns to his train for a night and reunites with Miss Audrey. Till continues to investigate the attack on Lights.

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Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Layton: You meant a lot to him.
Miss Audrey: I spent years washing my hands clean of him.

Every day, every one of us makes a trade. A pencil for a pen. An apple for an orange. A dance for a smile. But these trades don't always go the way you plan. You give more than you get. Terms change. You wind up having to trade with yourself. I staked my future on a single trade. A life with him for a place on this train. It's been nineteen revolutions. No matter how far I traveled, I should've known Wilford would find me. On Snowpiercer, one thousand and thirty-four cars long.