On Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 8, Wilford's plan endangers the whole train, puts loyalties at risk, and forces Layton to do the unthinkable. Josie makes a discovery.

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The breachmen are put to rest, jettisoned from a great height.
Boki doesn't believe that Wilford had the other breachmen killed.
The pipes start to flood second class and Javi and Ben realize a gill intake is jammed open causing too much water to be produced.
LJ and Osweiller use this opportunity to show how competent they are at Janitorial.
Boki is asked to fix the intake. He agrees and finds evidence that it was sabotage.
Icy Bob returns to Big Alice over the train cars with extreme frostbite injuries. Josie sees him and then experiments with the cold lock, discovering she doesn't freeze.
Roche has sent his daughter to stay uptrain. His wife, Anne, suggests that life was better under Wilford's Order. He disagrees.
LJ and Osweiller share their affection for each other and kiss.
Once the intake is fixed, Javi and Ben find that the god module that regulates hydrogen production has been damaged. They have to ask Wilford for a replacement and the condition is that Wilford bring it himself.
They try to keep Wilford's presence a secret but a tunnelman sees him and spreads the word.
When the new module is installed, the system overloads because of a hack Melanie had installed but Wilford didn't know about. They manually restart the train, with Wilford addressing the entire train.
The restart works and Layton sends up a flare that the train has been lost.
Layton is taken into custody on Big Alice. Zarah tells him not to give up hope.
Roche is also sent to Big Alice where Audrey escorts him to the Drs. Headwood who Drawer him with his family.
Wilford returns to Snowpiercer's engine and Ben gives him control of the train.

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On Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 8, Wilford's big plan jeopardizes both trains. His presence in Snowpiercer's engine is inflammatory. Loyalties are tested.

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Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Well, the Eternal Engineer, he's always been a social engineer, hasn't he? He'd have to be. He rendered us all into his system. And even though his engine may be eternal, the rest of Snowpiercer? She still runs on meat. All one thousand thirty-four cars long.


Things fall apart, right? Or do they? Who can tell anymore what's true, what's a Wilford ruse? So we hang on too tight to what we do know. Crack ourselves into harder factions. We're not afraid of our Ag Sec failing or biosecurity anymore. We're lighting red lanterns for Wilford because we're afraid of each other. And me, I'm out here selling the only common ground left, that we're all human beings. You know, who need love and connection and space for hope. Or we kill each other. What is it about recent history that's so friggin' hard to remember?