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Beth has a nightmare that Perry and Ray have broken into her house.

Amanda is in hospital and has no idea who attacked her. Beth leaves her and is convinced it is Perry and Ray.

Perry and Ray argue about what to do next.

Perry's family fixer shows up and tells Perry he will get him off with anything against him. Ray returns back to the motel and Gene reaches for the gun, but Perry attacks him.

Ray manages to kidnap Tracey. He takes her to a scrap heap, but Perry attempts to turn the tables on Ray and tries to set her free. Ray doesn't like this and kills him.

Tracey tries to escape from Ray. but is caught after hitting him.

Ben is at home with Beth, while a squad is watching the house for her.

The TAU find Tracey in the trunk of a car and she warns it was all a ruse for Perry to get Beth.

Jack calls it in and Ben opens the door, only to be shot by Ray. Ray then sneaks in and knocks Beth unconscious. Beth wakes up in the trunk of his car and is horrified to find Perry, dead, next to her.

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Stalker Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

It's OK, Perry, I'm here to help you out. As usual.


Tell me Tracey's OK.