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John receives a chilling video about his daughter while about to go live on his news show. It shows someone in her room, he runs off the set and it turns out his daughter is fine. The video is from a while back.

As the team attempts to help him, it appears he had a previous stalker named Sam who got out of jail a few months back. Sam tells the team it isn't him. 

That night, John is in the house with his girlfriend when they hear a noise. Upon investigating John finds his Sam in the house. The team arrests him, but he claims he was trying to check John was ok. He is taken back to jail.

John is in the house himself and is shot when his door is knocked. 

Looking further back into his past the team find out that someone named Keith was in the running for his job and was pissed that John got it.

Keith claims it isn't him. Beth provokes him so he lashes out. He doesn't admit it's him.

The team look into John's girlfriends past and uncover she stalked Keith and moved city to find him. She takes John hostage, but Adele walks in. Candice chases her, but returns to get kill John, so Keith gets the job.

Beth speaks into John's earpiece and Keith speaks into it to Candice. John overpowers her and the team manage to arrest her.

Perry manages to get Ray out of the facility. Beth is shocked when Janice breaks the news to her. The team finds out Ray is with Perry. Ray calls Beth and taunts her. 

Beth has police patrol her house and finds herself joined by Janice, Ben and Jack as they want to spend the night with her to look out for her incase Perry or Ray appear.

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