"Roots and Wings"

On Star Season 3 Episode 8, Carlotta finally returns to Gravity Records but finds out a lot has changed, while Star makes a shocking discovery.


On Star Season 3 Episode 7, Take 3's plan to hijack attention from Carlotta's festival to their album doesn't go as planned, and Star must face her fears.

"Ante Up"

On Star Season 3 Episode 6, Star and Noah confide in each other about their relationship issues and Simone is put in a sticky situation with Jackson.

"Someday We'll All Be Free"

On Star Season 3 Episode 5, suspicions about Olivia rise as she continues to pursue a friendship with Alex to cope with the loss of her sister.

"All Falls Down"

On Star Season 3 Episode 4, Star finds out that Maurice stole from her and a stressed and grieving Carlotta lands celebrity host Ryan J to host Gravity Media's Snowball event.

"A Family Affair"

On Star Season 3 Episode 3, Cassie embarks on a venture with a businessman that interferes with Carlotta's work while Noah struggles with a contract decision.

"Who's the Daddy"

On Star Season 3 Episode 2, as Carlotta and Cassie continue to battle it out, social media trolls go wild when Mateo pulls a stunt to reveal Star's pregnancy.

"Secrets & Lies"

On Star Season 3 Episode 1, Star returns home, as Carlotta and Cassie's sibling rivalry continues and the two grapple with the aftermath of Cassie's mistake.

"Thirty Days to Famous"

On Star Season 2 Episode 18, Take 3's future as a group is at risk as egos get in the way, and Noah's continued substance use jeopardizes his relationships.

"Mrs. Rivera"

On Star Season 2 Episode 17, Simone and Angel consider fleeing after receiving a letter from immigration, and Alex ditches Noah when he needs her the most.

Star Quotes

Foster Mom: Where'd you get that phone?
Star: Obama

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Ever since Star was little, she believed her name was who she was. But I told her, fame is a trip, it ain’t love like a lot of people think. But Star wouldn’t listen. Star don’t listen to nobody but herself.