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Gladys Knight and Pastor Harris speak at Danielle's funeral. Jahil confronts Eva about her ability to speak English. 

At the salon after the funeral, Derek proposes that they turn their grief into a protest against the police. He asks Alex to sing at the rally.

Alex and Simone sit down to write a song for the rally. Alex tells Star she doesn't want her involved because she'd make the performance about her. After Alex and Simone remind Star that she will never know what it's like to be black, Star storms out. 

Arlene demands that Jahil fire Star. Carlotta refuses to let Simone go to Derek's protest. Simone reminds Carlotta that she isn't her mother. 

Simone tells Pastor Carlotta won't let her go to the protest. Pastor Harris warns her that even the most peaceful protests can turn violent. 

Eva convinces Hunter to take Star on a romantic getaway. Jahil visits Arlene's husband in jail and asks for evidence to get Arlene off his tail.

Alex warns Star not to be late to the rehearsal that night. Pastor Harris encourages Carlotta to support Simone and go to the rally with her. Star is late to rehearsal, and Eva shows up in her place.

Star is furious when she realizes that Hunter has taken her out of town for the weekend, but when she tries to convince him to drive her back for the rally, he tosses her phone. Star refuses to accept his apology until he drives her back to the city.

Eva offers to sing in Star's place. Alex and Simone are very impressed with her voice. 

Carlotta shows up at the rally and tells Simone that Danielle wouldn't want her risking her life like this. Derek introduces the musical performance. Star shows up just in time to see Eva singing with Alex and Simone. 

The crowd chants "Say her name" as the rally continues into the night. The police chief tells the crowd that there will be no charges filed, and the protestors get angry. 

A few members of the crowd start beating a cop with bats. Derek is furious that people are introducing violence into the protest and tries to stop them. The police mistake Derek for the violent men and arrest him. Alex wants to help Derek, but Carlotta drags her away. 

Alex keeps calling the police station, asking about Derek. Carlotta tells Simone she was wrong to try and stop her from attending the rally. Alex takes off in her car to see Derek. 

Jahil blackmails Arlene with rumors that Hunter has been using performance-enhancing drugs, and tells her she can't have anything to do with the group.

Alex is pulled over by police while driving to see Derek and arrested without even being told why. 

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Star Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

If we stay quiet they think it's okay with us. It's not okay.


Jahil: You're a hustler. I know one when I see one.
Eva: Just like you.