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Pat and Barbara worry Courtney is spending too much time on being Stargirl.

They plan a family vacation, which is derailed when they learn Courtney has to attend summer school to become a junior.

Pat chastices Courtney for her actions, but Courtney feels the Cosmic Staff chose her for a reason and she has a job to do, even if danger isn't readily lurking around any corner.

Pat then puts Courtney on a two-week Stargirl hiatus, but that doesn't last long.

Green Lantern's daughter breaks into the Whitmore-Dugan household, and she and Courtney get into a fight, damaging the house.

Courtney also runs into Cameron for the first time since Jordan's death.

Rick brings food to Solomon Grundy, who's camped out in the woods somewhere.

Beth is sad she is unable to reboot Chuck. She also discovers her parents are getting divorced and tries to get them to reconcile, but it fails.

Yolanda feels guilty over killing Brainwave and struggles to deal with it, seeking comfort in confession and her friends.

Starman goes looking for Pat's whereabouts and seeks out his ex-wife Maggie.

Cindy reemerges and has a plan to recruit new members to the ISA with the help of Eclipso.

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Stargirl Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Courtney: Who are you?
Jennie: I’m Green Lantern’s daughter.

Maggie: What can I get you, hone? Earl makes a country-fried steak that you will be telling your grandkids about. I have it four or five times a week myself.
Starman: Well, who could say no to that?
Maggie: Need anything else, handsome?
Starman: Yeah, I’m looking for your ex-husband.
Maggie: Which one?
Starman: The one that likes stripes.