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Jennie comes to Blue Valley, and Courtney is instantly suspicious of her.

Courtney claims she doesn't trust Jennie, not with possible villains lurking around every corner, but it's later revealed Courtney is jealous and feels inferior to Jennie.

Jennie, however, never wanted to find Green Lantern's lantern. She was looking for her brother instead and thought the ring would bring her to him.

Jennie gets upset and her emotions set the lantern off, causing it to explode.

Jennie is able to absorb its power and save Blue Valley.

She later heads off on her own to find her brother.

Cindy returns to her home and uses Eclipso to possess her stepmother.

Eclipso convinces Cindy's stepmother to kill Cindy, but when she does, Eclipso takes control and consumes her.

Cindy rebukes Eclipso for possessing her.

Richard Swift comes to town, looking to acquire the late William Zarick's magical props.

Pat has an "accidental" run-in with Swift and realizes Swift is The Shade, the last member of the ISA.

Courtney resigns herself to put Stargirl on the backburner and focus on being Courtney Whitmore first and foremost.

Pat tells her that's not possible because The Shade is in Blue Valley.

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Stargirl Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Pat: Quite a show down there.
Courtney: Sorry.
Pat: I’m not the one you need to apologize to. The thing is I don’t get it Court. I mean your greatest superpower is seeing the good in other people, but you can't seem to see it in Jennie.
Courtney: Can't see it? Pat, how can I not see the good in Jennie? Everyone sees it. She's perfect, and she's a superhero’s daughter for real. I feel like such a fraud around her. She's everything I should be.
Pat: No, she's everything you were. Think about it. She's just trying to learn more about a father she never really knew. That’s all. That’s why she's here. Remember how that felt?
Courtney: Pretty lonely.
Pat: Yeah, pretty lonely.

Pat: Hey, thought you might need that.
Courtney: Thanks. Pat, how do you know she’s really Green Lantern’s daughter?
Pat: Well, the JSA didn’t talk about their kids a lot to protect them, but I know that they had them. And that ring, it only worked for Alan.
Courtney: The Cosmic Staff only worked for Starman, and now it works for me. What if she’s not who she says she is? What if she’s a spy or something?
Pat: A spy?
Courtney: Yeah, for one of the JSA’s old enemies like Baron von Blitzkrieg.
Pat: OK, there’s no von. It’s just Baron Blitzkrieg, and he died in the war.
Courtney: Then whoever then.
Pat: Listen, Court, you’re looking for villains everywhere, and I get it, being Stargirl it’s…
Courtney: Everything.
Pat: This life that you’re pursuing, it’s more about helping people than it is fighting the bad guys. That’s what you’re good at: Yolanda, Rick, Beth, you gave them a shot when no one else would. So how about giving this kid a chance?