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Flashback to Charlie, 8 months into her first tour in country. Nick takes her to a beautiful poppy field. Whether Charlie was with Aaron at that time is unknown, but she was definitely with Nick.

There are about 25 people in the jungle. Banks tells Charlie he's not of interest to POTUS at all, but he wants to do whatever they can to get Nick home.

Nick calls. They have maybe six hours to get in and get the job done. Jack Dawkins is called in to pull off a miracle.

Maureen tries to reach out to Charlie, but she refuses to cry. She wants to get Nick out. She will find a way.

Kurt is with Emily plucking away at a keyboard trying to see what the group is seeing. It's hard to tell what the hell Gantry wants, but Emily is nosy as hell. 

Senator Burke is looking at the photo Kyle Green had. He's talking about someone being a fraud. Things are about to get ugly. POTUS calls for Dawkins. They're all concerned about the weather, but Dawkins thinks he can fly though just fine.

Charlie and the team thinks the op is too dangerous at present. POTUS is pissed.

The only contingency is an air strike, but there is no proof of death because of the lack of a body and Ar Rissalah continues on as if Hakam's still alive. 

Kurt texts Mo to see her immediately.

Charlie demands POTUS not send an air strike. POTUS disagrees. They argue over the mission being about one man but they both think it's a different man. Charlie, for some reason, doesn't talk about the lack of a body ad all that jazz?

Back in the day, Nick wanted Charlie to be with him for a day. She can't stop thinking of him, of losing him. 

She tries calling in a favor with Jack Dawkins, but he tells her the window is gone. It's Nick or the mission. To risk calling him would risk alerting everyone to their impending mission and they can't do that.

Kurt breaks into Navaro's safe.

Burke calls in Jules and they chat about the photo. Jules wonders exactly where Burke got the magic bullet. Kyle Green. They toast to her memory. Banks, again reminding Burke he's merely acting director in the rest room, takes Burke to task. He has something up his sleeve.

POTUS leaves Charlie in the war room to finish out killing Nick. As soon as she walks out of the room, the little red men run into the tunnels. POTUS is at a party and Charlie is trying to clean things up.

Burke tosses out a disturbing revelation about the CIA. He wants to talk about her relationshi with Omar Fatah. Mo calls Charlie. WNR has the photo on the main page. Their case is blown because Jules is an asshole.

Fatah leaves Nick a radio in the tunnels.

Kurt is driving through the city with documents.Someone starts tailing him erratically. He rolls down an alley and Syd pulls a gun in his face.

Nick calls Charlie. He has eyes on the target. He wants her to use her signal to paint the targets. He tells Charlie it's OK. Constance grants authorization. Charlie remembers Nick's hand on her face.

Nick's dead. Fatah is Hakam. Or, Hakam is merely an identity created to make it all bigger than himself. He is all about Mohammed. 


State of Affairs
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State of Affairs Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

It's Nick or the mission.


Listen to me. You got us here. I promise you, I will finish it. This ends today.