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Women are partying on a bus. Driver's falling asleep.

Ryan and Andy are in bed together and they're hiding it from her father. They look happy.

Miller and his girlfriend (JJ)are in bed too and he's on his way back to work.

Captain is getting his chemo. He's feeling un-needed and like he doesn't count just cause he has cancer.

At the station, Chief Ripley is interviewing everyone on who should be captain. He's meeting with Warren first. (after an incident, apparently)

JJ shows up at the firehouse and Jack makes her leave.

Maya and Andy are talking about Ryan. Jack is lecturing Miller about JJ coming into the station.


Maya: I'm picking sides.

Jack: Good to know.


Maya is trying to sway people toward Andy for the peer reviews. Her, Ben and Andy come up on a crash. They're not waiting for backup.

Bodies everywhere. Andy made the call. Meanwhile Peter (the original patient) is going uncared for.

The firefighters are working on the patients who are laying everwhere. Looks like the driver is dead. Jack is sitting with Peter and he's offering to help.

Vic is being interviewed now. She blamed whatever happened on the Chief.

Sparks are coming from the bus and they move the patients away. Vic's quote at .21 ~ pick one..

Station 23 took 8 minutes to get to the accident. 

Montgomery's turn. It's been a year since his husband died and he's talking about that with the Chief. He's talking about how he died. How the captain was the cause of his death. His name was Michael. Qutoe Montgomery: at 30

Two patients are stuck at the bus, attached to the bus, but they're running out of time.

Jack left Peter alone while he brought the gurney.

They're using an inflatable jack to get the bus off her. (Carla) She's crashing. They brought her back.

Station 23 arrives and andy gives them shit.

Something is wrong with Peter and they didn't take him to the hospital so he's in bad shape.

Back to the hospital with captain herrera and he's second guessing the way he brought up Andy. He's having a hard time with the chemo.

Maya is in the peer review now. She's talking Andy up. Chief is trying to get them to blame one or the other. Maya thinks he's playing favorites.

Peter is an opioid addict and is starting to freak out. Chief got Maya to admit that Jack handled a difficult situaition well.

Miller is all for Jack and sticks up for him. Except he thinks it's Jack's fault for leaving Peter alone. He's a seeker. Faking accidents to get drugs.

Chief is making Miller pick sides but he doesn't want to. Quote the chief at .46 ~ I'll break it down for you...

Andy is sitting with the patient and she's holding the lady's hand.

Jack and Andy are talking about woulda coulda shoulda's while waiting for the peer review.

Chief is talking with Warren and he was very honest and didn't pull any punches. Apparently he threw them both under the bus and he's not happy about it.

Vic's peer review was rejected by the chief because she was unprofessional.

Montgomery's opinion was that Andy saved all the people in the accident. He says Andy thinks like a captain and he's surprised he feels this way.

Maya is for Andy, of course. Chief thinks Maya should go for Leutenant. he's impressed with her.

Miller agreed with Andy today, but he's for Jack.

Chief is meeting with captain and he wants to give his opinion. He recommends neither.

Station 19
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Station 19 Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Maya: I'm picking sides.
Jack: Good to know.

So, if you can't get the rest of the department up to speed, the least you can do is not give some sub-par outsider the keys to our castle.