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Captain is meeting with dr. bailey. He's nauseous and weak. He decided against the check-up. He arrives home and Andy is there. She tells him about what happened with the test.

Now she's telling Maya about her test. She asked about Maya, so she's acting like a friend. They're on their way to a call. Giving shots to homeless people. Hepatitis vaccine. They ran into her brother who's living on the street. He says that he's not on drugs. His name is Mason and he lives in a tent.

Vic is in the yoga studio trying to get through her ptsd. Montgomery ran into the grandmother's grandson at the yoga studio. They had a connection before. Montgomery is unsure.

Ben and Miranda walk into the station and she hinted to Ben that the captain wouldn't let her do a workup. She tells Ben to keep an eye on him.

They're all talking at the table about Andy's test and they all pity her. Captain is showing signs he's not feeling good and Ben's noticed. 

Jack checks on Andy and she says she's doing fine.

Miller and ben talk about Pruitt and have an intervention about his health. He almost passes out and they insist he go to the hospital. It's Andy's captain day, but she goes to the hospital with him.

They're at the hospital and Herrera is not being a good patient. There are signs that his cancer is progressing and Dr. Bailey wants to be more aggressive with his cancer. Andy and Cap start fighting. She's pissed because he's not telling her anything. Warren tries to help and Andy blows him off.

Montgomery and Vic go to see the grandma and she confronts him about her grandson. (Edith) It was a false alarm. 16 min mark quote. "Don't be a fool, he's a catch!" Edith

Back at the hospital, they're being more aggressive with the treatment. Miranda finds out that Ben has been in danger and not telling her. It's her fault because she told him not to.

Jack is in charge and he's meeting with Ryan and his partner for a simulation. Lots of tension between jack and Ryan.

Edith and Vic are trying to hook Montgomery and the grandson together. He asks Montgomery to breakfast tomorrow.

His name is Grant.

The team is desensitising Vic to fire.and she drops her line. Maya is throwing her into the fire literally. Montgomery wants to take it easy. Maya overwhelms her and she panics and screams at Maya.

Officers Rice and Tanner.

Ben reaches out to Andy again. She's receptive. Quote Ben at 19 mins.

Structure fire, 2 alarm fire at a restaurant. Jack goes in with a mask. Ryan runs in without one. Stupid. Vic is running the lines.

Andy returns to her dad and he's in obvious pain. Andy quote at 34 minutes.

Warren heads to the fire. A woman is on the balcony with a baby. They're trying to put out the fire and it's too dangerous to go back in. Jack's going up on an upstable ladder to save the baby.

Back at the hospital, Andy's telling a story of her mom to her dad. Cap passes out.

Ladder is going too slow. Ryan tries to get the lady to drop the baby. Jack encourages her to drop the baby.

Miranda runs in to save the captain.

She drops the baby and ryan catches him. The mom jumps to the ladder to jack and makes it.

He has a reaction to the treatment, but he's going to keep going. He decides to include Andy in his fight.

Ryan and Jack congratulate one another.

Vic walks to the fire and asks Maya to stand next to her. It's helping her cope with her ptsd.

Maya goes back to see her brother. She brings him a blanket and some soup. she tells him that she's there for him, he just has to reach out.

Grant comes to the station to see montgomery. He tells Grant he doesn't date. 

"Let's start with breakfast." Montgomery

Bailey and Warren are talking about him sharing his danger. He opens up. 

Miller comes to sit with the captain and give Andy a break.

Vic and Maya go running. Maya sees Mason's art, but he's gone.

Andy comes home and Ryan shows up and tells Andy about catching the baby. He kisses Andy and they makeout.


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Station 19 Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Don't be a fool, he's a catch!


I wasn't trying to coddle you or treat you like any other patient's family. I was treating you like my family.