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Alex is sleeping on Maya's couch and Maya is sleeping with one of the women from station 12.

Montgomery got weird when he found his boyfriend talking to Vic and got mad.

The station wanted to make sure warren was late and he's run in and out of 50 fires, so they're celebrating him. Right of passage. He got the keys to the aid car. Warren .06 quote

Andy isn't talking to her father. Well, it looks like she is. She sees the non support as a lack of faith in her and she's mad.

Ripley is finishing up interviews. Jack isn't talking to Andy because of the whole cheating thing. It's interrupted by a fire downtown. Skyscraper. If Jack doesn't get captain, he's putting in for a transfer to get away from Andy.

Miller is talking to Jack about the last fire when he screwed up. Jack used to be Miller's person. Now he can't talk to him.

The station is checking all their material and equipment to get ready for the call to the big fire. Andy is captain today and is quizzing Warren. She doesn't want anybody to be a hero. It's night and they're still not called yet.

Jack has regrets.Andy is upset about Jack possibly leaving.

Ben is excited to drive the aid car. He's talking to Montgomery about it. Montgomery thinks he's messing up his relationship. Warren gives him advice. "I think it's complicated for me becuase I haven't felt the way he makes me feel in a long time." Montgomery .17 quote

Station 19 gets called in and they're on their way to the fire.

They're heading into the fire to join the other teams.Ryan is helping with evacs.

Maya helps Vic stay away from the fire, even though she's been waiting to fight it all day.

Dearborn jumps through the fire and they can't contact her. Andy goes after her and jumps through the fire. She made it, but Dearborn is stuck under the vent. Fire on both sides. Herrera throws a sphere filled with co2 and puts part of the fire out, so the rest of the crew could come in and help Andy and Dearborn. She hurt her ankle and bringing Dearborn down.

Fire coordinator girl is super organized, gathering all the people on the floor and explaining her organization to Vic and Maya.

Montgomery and Warren are checking on patients. Vic and Maya are checking for smoke on the floor. Vic is still afraid of fire.

Jack and Miller are talking. Miller admits his mistake about being tired and screwing up. Huge combustibles on the floor with Jack and Miller. He orders a complete evaculation of the entire building.

Something is wrong with the captain. His breathing is slow and he calls Ryan to pick him up.

Chief gives Andy a compliiment.

Ryan decides not to tell Andy about her dad. Fire captain put her boss in his place. They are working on evacuating the building.  Andy's quote at .38 to the fire captain.

Maya sends group one down with Molly. She kept it together, but she started to cry.

They're hearing sounds like the building is going to collapse. Explosion. Vic pushes Maya away from the window and saves her life. Montgomery has glass in his chest, but he's with Ben.

Vic conquers the fire fear. She sends Maya out with the people.

Warren can't get help because the radios aren't working. Too many people in the stairwell and Ben can't get him out.

Chief is impressed with Andy. Miranda goes to check on Pruitt when Ryan shows up. They're both looking for captain. They can't find him. He's unconscious. He's unresponsive and barely breathing. No pulse. Miranda's giving cpr.

Miller and Jack are containing a floor when they hear a person. He's inhaled lots of smoke and they have to get him out of there. Andy took the keys from the Chief because he was going to abandon Jack, Miller and the patient. She sent the elevator to get them.

Ben is dragging Montgomery down the stairs and he's still conscious. Molly got trampled and she's in the stairwell. Breath is shallow. Her lungs are collapsed and she can barely breathe. Montgomery is giving up his life for Molly.

Maya's hearing is compromised from the hot box episode and she didn't tell anybody.

Jack and Miller are getting their guy out. Jack goes back to close the fire doors.

Miranda is trying to save captain. They are rushing him to the hospital. I think Andy just lost her job. Jack isn't coming down. He's closing the fire doors and staying on the 26ths lfoor. Andy opens the shaft and talks to Jack. He's sacrificing himself for the rest of the station. The elevator is stuck. Ryan and mMiranda are taking captain in.

Montgomery is dying. Molly is dying.

Andy, I lied before. I don't have any regrets. not with you. i won. .58 Jack

Andy asks him to stay on the radio.

andy is heading to the stairs, but doesn't hear Jack anymore. Then there's an explosion.


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Station 19 Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

I think it's complicated for me because I haven't felt the way he makes me feel in a long time.


I get to drive now. BOOM! You see rookies don't get to drive, new guys don't drive. I get to drive now. Me!