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Maya tells Andy she's concerned that Jack might still not be sleeping well. She's partnered with him on A-Car. They are called to treat minor injuries on a subway train. 

Captain Sullivan invites himself to Travis' to paint with the guys. 

One of the patients on the train coughs up blood and Maya is worried they are dealing with a contagious disease. She tells Jack they need to lock down the train. 

Pruitt asks Ryan to run background checks on potential buyers for his house. 

Andy and Vic show a potential new recruit around the firehouse. 

Sullivan talks to Travis about losing his wife when he learns Travis has lost his husband. 

Maya admits to Jack that she doesn't think he's ready to be back. Another patient on the train collapses. 

The first patient also collapses and another passenger tries to leave the train while they are distracted. A security guard tases him to stop him from opening the door. He flatlines and the other two are in bad shape as well. Jack steps up and gives a rousing speech and gives everyone jobs to help. 

The CDC finally arrives and the patients are taken to the hospital for treatment. Jack and Maya are cleared. 

Ryan questions if he is Andy's "comfy blanket" and before she can answer, she runs home to check on Maya. 

Andy returns home to talk to Maya who is in the shower, but what she doesn't know is that Jack is in there too!

Station 19
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Station 19 Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Ryan: It's a complete invasion of these people's privacy.
Pruitt: It's your neighborhood too, you really want to live across the street from a potential serial killer?
Ryan: Would he keep the yard clean?

Maya: You're telling them too.
Jack: You wanted to lead.
Maya: Which allows me to delegate and share responsibility, which I'm planning to do. I'm a benevolent leader. I share.