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Ryan wants to set ground rules for their relationship. They're just having fun, and he doesn't want to make it serious. 

Vic finds out that Ripley told his sister about her. She didn't think they were telling people about each other. 

Jack is back at work, meaning Maya could be transferred to Station 23 sooner rather than later. 

Maya, Andy, and Dean respond to a call and find a patient who hit her head and is experiencing amnesia. They take her to the hospital, but she keeps saying she doesn't want to be there. 

Ryan's dad shows up with a key to a storage unit. 

Pruitt isn't ready to give the job back to Sullivan because he missed Jack's PTSD and other important details involving the house. Sullivan goes to check on a walk in that hasn't been to the house in a while. He brings Ben and Jack with him.

Dean tries to explain to Jack why he staged the intervention, but Jack is still angry about it. 

Andy, Maya, and Dean run into their patient from earlier on another call and wonder why she isn't at the hospital. They find out she's a fugitive and is most likely lying about her amnesia. 

She admits that she was lying to see her son. She borrowed money from her company to pay for his surgery and got caught. She needs to see him before his surgery and will turn herself in. Andy asks Ryan to bend the rules for her. 

Ben determines their patient has fluid in his lungs and needs a hospital. They treat him while they wait for an ambulance. They also fix his car for him after he's taken to the hospital. 

Sullivan tells Ripley that he wants Maya to stay at 19. He approves. 

Pruitt suggests Medic 1 to Ben after hearing he is considering quitting firefighting. 

Ryan finds a bag of money in the storage locker. 

Station 19
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Station 19 Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Andy: He's a little emotional about stepping down, so just be prepared.
Sullivan: Maybe you can pull the fire alarm for me then?
Andy: I don't know if you know this, but that's illegal.

Dean: She ran away as soon as we dropped her off. Apparently she's a fugitive. She's being sentenced in court this morning and she escaped. She's been lying to us.
Andy: No, no she doesn't know who she is.
Dean: She came to us, remember? She knows exactly who she is. She's been playing us this entire time.