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A bad wildfire means everyone is on call.

Pruitt and Ryan have to bail out Travis from jail because he got arrested after fighting the guy post Ripley's funeral. He, Pruitt and Ryan ride to meet up with the gram.

Pruitt realized Ryan is still in contact with his father. Ryan has stolen money from his dad. He later burns it.

The team gets held up at Terry and his wife's home. Terry doesn't want to evacuate and his wife ends up needing their services when she has breathing issues..

Miller promises to find a man's cat, and Vic thinks the whole thing is ridiculous. Miller does find the cat and reunites it with its owner .

Jack talks to Sullivan and the others about Maya. It's not against the rules, but most of them doubt their relationship is anything serious.

Maya wants to meet Miller's new lady friend. She does when nicki stops by and maya discovers that Miller's new girlfriend is her ex- girlfriend.

The firefighters try to help Terry, but he gets his hand mangled in equipment and I'd bleeding out. Warren makes the call to amputate in the field even though it's not protocol.

When Warren later convenes with his superiors for his new job they discise the gall and decide to look over all the things he did even as a surgeon. They don't want w cowboy who goes rogue in the position.

Sullivan and Andy get caught in the wildfire and have to jump into a pool to save themselves. Later on they start making out and are about to hookup at that station, but Sullivan tells her to leave. Andy feels rejected, but Sullivan is having issues with his leg.

Travis works at the tent and works alongside a deaf firefighter who has integrated in him. They treat people, and when the squad needs a safe route out Dylan has a plan and Travis backs him up. It saves their friends.

Jack knows sign language. Dylan asks about Travis and vice versa. The two share a passionate kiss.

Later Travis is telling Vic about it when they are about to take a nap in bed together since Vic returns home after Ripley's death. They fall asleep, but Travis wakes up when someone is at the door. Police officers come to arrest him since the guy he hit is still in the hospital and wants to file charges.

Station 19
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Station 19 Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

Warren, you're a surgeon. What would surgeon Ben do right now?


I am dark, and I can't see the light. Everywhere I look it's dark, and I can't see.