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Ben finds Jack at the firehouse on his back after a run. He didn't stretch first. 

Andy meets Ryan for coffee to wait for his dad, but he's late and they decide to leave. 

Andy is concerned about how Sullivan is going to react after her outburst. He calls her into his office, but she's interrupted by a call before he can say anything. 

Victoria is confused about her relationship with Ripley and asks Jack for hypothetical advice. 

Ryan's dad shows up at the station injured. Andy and Maya treat his bleeding but want to take him to the hospital. 

Sullivan asks Pruitt to give him pointers on how to connect with the team. He tells him to figure out who the "glue" is and get that person on his side. 

Travis, Ben, and Miller help a woman whose hand is stuck in the garbage disposal. 

Ryan arrives and Greg apologizes for standing him up. 

Maya and Andy get a call to a guy who is impaled in his leg. They try to treat him in the field, but can't get a signal to call for help. They decide to carry him up the cliff he fell down. 

Ryan questions his dad on why he's back in town. He tells him it's his last chance to see him due to some trouble he's in. Not long after, he collapses in the elevator. Andy and Maya revive him. 

Ben admits to Travis and Miller that he and Bailey are separated and he's sleeping at the station.

Sullivan tells Andy he wants to sit and talk with her off shift some time. He doesn't fire her. 

Miller invites Ben to stay with him and Jack at the houseboat. 

Station 19
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Station 19 Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Maya: So you want me to lie?
Andy: No, don't lie, just help me feel better.
Maya: Well if you do get fired, the good news is is that we live together now, so we'll still get to see each other every day.
Andy: You're terrible at this.

Maya: We need to examine the source of your bleeding and take you to the nearest hospital.
Greg: I don't need some ambulance ride just for a couple little scratches.
Andy: You're bleeding through your shirt. It's not a scratch.