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Station 19 picks up where Grey's Anatomy left off with a missing 10-year-old boy named Max. Dean and Andy hep search the hospital. 

Grant thinks Travis should ask for more time off, but Travis feels like he's ready to go back to work. 

Ryan and his partner come across Max on the street. Max runs from them and falls into a drain.

Everyone is adjusting to the new Captain's rules, including military-like uniform checks. He also has rules that everyone must be checked out by a doctor after a fire. Ben gets assigned to reception for burning his hand and leaving Travis in the skyscraper fire. 

DeLuca convinces Maggie that they should go help Max in case he's hurt. 

Andy tells Maya she's ready to move out of her dad's place, and Maya says she should move in with her. 

The search for Max continues. Sullivan plans to send Maya down, but her tank is faulty. Andy hears his voice and jumps in without any equipment. She nearly gets to him, but slips and falls and he floats away. Tthey pull her out and everyone, especially Maya, is angry at her for her rash actions. 

They find a new access point, but it's too small for anyone to fit down, and they can't make it bigger.

Andy reaches out to Captain Sullivan and encourages him to eat with them. He tells her the team should get to relax at mealtime, and he also tells her the team looks up to her and notices when she bends the rules.

Andy tells her dad that she's moving out. 

Station 19
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Station 19 Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Andy: I think I have to move out of my dad's place.
Maya: I don't know what Miller said, but yes, I approve.
Andy: It's time.
Maya: Way past.
Andy: I mean he's feeling better, he can take care of himself, and I need to do this, right away, before I chicken out and keep living there another 30 years.
Maya: Have you told your dad yet?
Andy: No, God, how do I tell him? What do I tell him?
Maya: You say, "Dad, I've never lived out from under your roof. I need to be an adult now, so I'm moving in with Maya, and I feel confident that you can start folding your own boxers all by yourself."

Ben: Shrink the haystack, copy Sir.
Pruitt: You're not on duty Montgomery, we can handle this.
Travis: And miss out on the haystack thing?
Ben: I'm the one actually on duty here. [To Pruitt] Sir, you're in resort wear.