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Andy starts unpacking at Maya's. Vic comes by to tell them she hooked up with the firefighter from Station 23.

Miller has a really nice houseboat on the water that no one knew about because he kept it to himself. Jack finds out and tells everyone.

Jack is going on a ride along with Ryan. 

Montgomery is back at work and Vic is avoiding him for some reason. 

Sullivan pushes Maya to apply for Lieutenant. He questions if her hesitation is to avoid stepping on Andy's toes. 

Station 19 responds to a call of a water leak at a hoarder's apartment. A woman inside slipped and fell, but there is floor to ceiling stuff blocking their way in. 

Andy argues they should wait for help due to structural damage. Sullivan wants to send one person in, Ben. He asks Maya what she thinks, and she agrees they should send someone in, but it should be Andy because she's lighter and has more experience. 

Ryan and Jack pull over a man and his daughter. Ryan believes the girl has been kidnapped. He turns out to be right. 

Andy makes her way through the piles of junk towards the victim. She falls but manages to make it to her. Ben walks her through draining the fluid from her chest. 

Andy gets the victim out and Sullivan pulls Andy out just as everything collapses. 

The dad considers running, but Ryan convinces him to turn himself in. 

Vic finally tells Travis she's angry at him for telling Ben to leave him. 

Station 19
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Station 19 Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Andy: He has it out for me.
Maya: You keep giving him ammo to use against you.
Andy: He keeps lurking.

Jack: You can't park there.
Ryan: 'Cause it's not allowed? 'Cause it's against the law?
Jack: Yeah.
Ryan: Great. I'll be sure to write myself a ticket.