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Maya brings in a grief counselor to help the rest of Station 19 process their grief over the killing of George Floyd.

Ben tells Diane he's conflicted over what he teaches his sons and how he responds when dealing with the police.

Maya talks about how she didn't know racism and police brutality was such a problem and contemplates how to best help her fellow firefighters, afraid protesting will cost her her career.

Travis feels guilty talking about the racist attack and hate crimes that have been going on against Asian Americans, including his mother.

Andy discusses her view of the police, and how growing up, they were the good guys. She's had a hard time reconciling that with the image of police today.

Vic talks about how she wants to fix things, but that she can't fix this. She also speaks about how she can't believe people didn't know this was a problem.

Diane gives Jack some tough love and explains the benefit of his white privilege, even if he did grow up in the system.

Dean doesn't say anything and just cries.

Sullivan rants about how their is no excuse to what happened to George Floyd. He later tells Andy he regrets considering stopping Dean's lawsuit.

The episode ends with everyone going out to protest.

Station 19
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Station 19 Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Ben: How do you do it? I know you have to be as shaken up as I am, so how do you…
Diane: How do I do my job?
Ben: Yeah.
Diane: You fought a fire this morning. How did you do that?
Ben: I pushed my pain aside and did what had to be done.
Diane: Same.

Maya: I asked her to come. There’s been a death, and you’re all grieving so I asked her to come.
Vic: I'm sorry…
Ben: You’re talking about George Floyd?
Dean: You brought in a therapist to help us process the death of George Floyd?
Maya: I did. I feel powerless to help and this felt like something I could do.