Stitchers Season 1 Episode 11 Review: When Darkness Falls

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This is a Halloween no one will forget!

It's not a huge secret I enjoy holiday themed episode and I always look forward to seeing what the writers come up with. Thankfully Stitchers Season 1 Episode 11, did not disappoint and provided a perfect stand alone episode which was equal parts chilling and comedic – they even threw in some awesome Cameron and Kirsten moments. 

Let's get down to business and discuss, "When Darkness Falls."

Haunted - Stitchers

I am not a fan of voice overs, but I enjoyed listening to the different actors sum up what the show is about. It's a genius move because they are getting people who have never watched the show caught up with the concept, but also providing a nice recap for already established fans.

With that said, I enjoyed the Halloween aspect of the show as well and wasn't surprised to learn Kirsten is not a fan of the holiday; though I appreciated Camille trying to get Kirsten into the Halloween spirit by trying to scare her. Camille is certainly one who won't give up on trying to get people to have fun and let go a bit. 

Speaking of Halloween, I was pleased they didn't make the main case too outlandish and focused on trying to find out if the deceased, a man named Devon, was responsible for the disappearance of a woman, Kelly, he went to school with. Camille's jab at Cameron while Kirsten was being stitched into Devon was hilarious – it's time for these two to get together already.

Who else was a little shaken when it appeared as though Devon was talking to Kirsten while she was stitched into his memories? I don't blame Kirsten at all for bouncing out of the stitch because it was incredibly unnerving. I don't even care if it could possibly be explained away by science. Of course the case got even creepier when they all went to Devon's house and Kirsten was being watched.

I figured Kirsten wouldn't give into her fears and would become more intrigued by the case because it really was an interesting concept. What would make a man like Devon go crazy? Was he really the one she saw in the stitch? Kirsten stayed true to her personality and wanted to analyze things and this particular case made those wheels turn in her head.

Of course Kirsten's nerves would get the best of her eventually and I wasn't shocked to see her run to Cameron's apartment for comfort. Plus we learned chocolate hazelnut spread calms Kirsten down, who knew? It was pretty comical when Kirsten kicked Cameron out of his own bed and made him take the couch so she could get some sleep, but I figured her nightmare would get the best of her.

Kirsten's nightmare of being killed in the stitch was incredibly horrifying and something Kirsten is probably truly afraid of. Everyone saw what happened to Marta, being thrown into a coma by a stitch gone wrong, and something like that has to weight heavily on Kirsten's subconscious. It was sweet of Cameron to stay with Kirsten after her nightmare.

I know I already said it, but it warrants repeating, I want to see these two together when the show comes back next year. Cameron seems to be able to calm Kirsten down and understands her in ways others haven't, but he's also not afraid to put her in her place either. In the words of Phoebe from Friends, Cameron is her lobster.  

Going back to Camille, I wasn't surprised she'd want to use Devon's house as the place to hold her party. It was such a macabre thing to do which fits Camille exceptionally well; though with this being a Halloween episode, it was clear the party wouldn't be all giggles and rainbows thanks to Devon's evil identical twin brother showing up and taking Camille and Kirsten hostage.

In the end, Kirsten was able to take down Devon's brother Gavin by pretending to relate to him. It was great watching Kirsten kicking some ass and I hope to see more of said ass kicking in the second half of the season. What did you think of "When Darkness Falls?" What is your opinion of holiday themed episodes?

Did you miss out on this exciting episode? Well you're in luck! You can watch Stitchers online via TV Fanatic anytime. Just make sure to come back to let us know what you think.

When Darkness Falls Review

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