Stitchers Season 3 Episode 2 Review: For Love or Money

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Kirsten and Cameron were not the only ones navigating a new relationship on Stitchers Season 3 Episode 2 "For Love or Money."

While our central will/they won't/they duo made the leap to couple status, Linus and Camille also explored potential dating options with fringe members of the team.

Romance with a side of trust issues, party of six.

Camsten's First Kiss - Stitchers Season 3 Episode 1

To be fair, Kirsten and Cameron are not at the issue stage yet. More like they hit a minor bump in the road when Camille correctly pointed out to Cameron that emotion is still a fairly new thing in Kirsten's world.

Now is it right that Cameron wants honesty from Kirsten when he's not sharing the depths of his fears with her? Probably not. But it's not clear whether or not Cameron realizes how much Kirsten's near death affected him.

Camille sees it, but Camille sees all. That's why we love her so much. 

Camille: How are you and Kirsten? Did you it?
Cameron: What are you, twelve?
Camille: I'm just gentle. Kirsten's a virgin.
Cameron: I don't think she's a virgin.
Camille: Emotionally. Come on. She's a virgin. This is going to be her first real relationship.

Kirsten made a choice to let Cameron in on her visits with her mom. That's huge for her. We saw how desperate Kirsten is to reunite with her mom on Stitchers Season 3 Episode 1

She could have continued her visits in secret. By sharing the time with Cameron, she's showing him how much he means to her in a way that words never could. It's hard to argue against her emotional maturity at that point.

It's unrealistic to believe a dramatized relationship won't have additional obstacles. But Cameron and Kirsten are connected on a deep level. They're going to be fine as long as they keep telling each other what's going on in their heads.

And if they're lucky, they might make their next dinner reservation without having to dig through trash first.

Come Here Often? - Stitchers Season 3 Episode 2

As for Camille's love life, she had a nice meet-cute with Amanda. She's the new medical examiner, who knows little about what the Stitchers program does other than the secrecy.

The ladies enjoyed an easy chemistry, and Camille was intrigued by Amanda's quirky behavior. But those trust issues of Camille's remained in the forefront of her mind. 

But that's probably par for the course when one works for a secret government organization, right, especially since the team's dealt with their fair share of shady people. 

Linus: What do you have to lose?
Camille: I don't know. It takes me a moment to trust people.
Linus: Everyone deserves to be trusted until proven otherwise.
Camille: That sounds like a horrible policy.
Linus: It is. Unless it isn't.

Like Ivy. 

I want to trust her, mainly because I want Kirsten to have at least one family member who isn't terrible. But Maggie and Cameron were right to err on the side of caution. Ivy's lied before, and we can't be sure she's telling the truth about severing ties with her father.

Linus trusting her so fast worries me a little. He's in a vulnerable place after the death of his father. Ivy did something nice for him. They mesh well together, which could lead to a great relationship.

Or it could end in disaster if she's not who she seems. Same with Camille and Amanda. The odds are that at least one of these women is working for a shady organization connected to Kirsten's family.

Anybody Home? - Stitchers Season 3 Episode 2

Was anyone else surprised Maggie chose Cameron as her second in command?

Don't get me wrong. I adore Cameron and do believe he's always got the team's best interests at heart. But wouldn't Fisher be the logical choice? Lawman. Not in love with and/or living with anyone else on the team.

I know the whole point was to show Camille's newfound trust backfiring so she'd take a leap with Amanda. And I understand her disappointment at not getting the job.

But did Maggie only pick Cameron because he'd been anti-Ivy? That moment came off as too plot driven rather than something that made sense for her character, so it took me right out of the story.

Stitch Vibes - Stitchers Season 3 Episode 2

The case of the week was cut and dry. Or maybe it felt that way because we're so used to hearing about shady Russian deals every time we turn on the news.

But there were no major surprises in the trail of clues. The team connected the dots, gathered the evidence, and saved the day.

Aside from the humor derived from Kirsten's reactions to the constant sex in the stitch, it's the kind of case audiences will forget once they turn off the TV.

Although, we do have the question of why the stitch looked murky to Kirsten.

Kirsten: Good scientist or worried boyfriend?
Cameron: Why can't I be both?

Is the technology malfunctioning? Or is this a lingering kink after Kirsten stayed inside the stitch for too long?

We still don't know who spoke those words to her. I'm betting on her mother, somehow. And I believe Cameron's right to be worried. Not necessarily about Kirsten's ability to handle herself, but the physical effects.

She is, after all, connecting her brain to someone else's on a regular basis. That's bound to take a toll on a person.

Now it's your turn, Stitchers' fanatics! Tell us what you thought of "For Love or Money!"

Did the case of the week hold your attention? How did you feel about the new romances blooming? Do you trust Ivy? What about Amanda? Is Camille right? Should Cameron be extra careful with Kirsten?

Remember, you can watch Stitchers online anytime!

For Love or Money Review

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Stitchers Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Cameron: There you are.
Kirsten: Miss me?
Cameron: I missed running tests on you.
Kirsten: Best boyfriend ever.

Camille: How are you and Kirsten? Did you it?
Cameron: What are you, twelve?
Camille: I'm just gentle. Kirsten's a virgin.
Cameron: I don't think she's a virgin.
Camille: Emotionally. Come on. She's a virgin. This is going to be her first real relationship.