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Six years ago: Dex stopped an armed robbery of a convenience store. After stopping the robbery, she meets Grey for the first time. Grey and Dex have a one night stand. 

Dex accepts a job from a bar patron, Alan, looking for a girl he met at a bar, Katrina.

Dex tracks down Katrina who is in the middle of an altercation with her ex-boyfriend. Dex fights him off. 

Katrina admits to giving Alan the wrong number because he seemed "too good" but changes her mind about giving him a shot after meeting Dex.

Dex reunites Alan and Katrina.

Alan's check bounces so Dex goes to his house to get paid and gets knocked out. 

After calling the police, Dex is brought into the station by Hoffman and Cosgrove who question her for breaking and entering. 

Dex suggests they question Katrina's ex. 

A shady looking man comes looking for Grey when Ansel is at the bar alone. 

Katrina's ex tells the police she is a con artist and has a partner, Megan, who is a suspected murderer. 

Dex finds Alan who is taking out $50K to pay off Megan and buy Katrina's freedom from her. 

The shady man is Grey's friend from jail. He and Grey were supposed to hold on to $500K for their friend who is inside on a life sentence, but they both spent the money, and now someone is coming to collect.

Six years ago: Grey meets Ansel and asks Dex out on a real date. Dex agrees but seems freaked out. 

Dex tracks Alan to a hotel where Megan is trying to kill him. 

Katrina insists that she was not trying to con Alan, and that is why she initially gave him the wrong number. Alan believes her.

Cosgrove encourages Dex to work towards getting her P.I. license. 

Six years ago: Dex gets drunk before the date and tells Grey she doesn't want to do this because she will ruin it. They agree to be just friends.

Dex and Grey celebrate 6 years of not crossing the line. 

Grey's friend's body is found. 

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Stumptown Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Grey: Why didn't you give him that information after he paid you?
Dex: What kind of soulless monster do you think I am?
Grey: A broke one.
Dex: Yeah, that's a fair point.

Lady, it's okay, take the beer.

Convenience store worker