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-Ansel asks Dex to teach him how to drive.

-Grey leaves Ansel in charge of The Bad Alibi while he is away and he calls Tookie for help when he gets overwhelmed.

-Hoffman finds out the owners of the heroin have someone looking for it.

-Dex poses as a prospective buyer for the heroin.

-Dex meets an army vet, Violet, at the meeting for, who happens to be the person looking for the heroin. 

-Dex and Violet go back to where Violet is staying and end up hooking up. 

-Dex and Violet exchange numbers.

-A couple writes a bad Yelp review of The Bad Alibi.

-Scuzzy tries to tell Leo that something is going on between Max and Grey.

-Violet tracks down Chaz who tells her Leo is going to keep the drugs and kill Grey once he gets the money.

-Violet and Dex run into each other when Violet shows up at the warehouse to kill everyone and get the drugs back, and they fight but Violet gets away.

-Leo tries to kill Grey, but the police get there first.

-Grey takes off with Max and goes to the reservation where Sue Lynn does him a favor and protects him from the cops.

-Max leaves and tries to get Grey to go with her, but he refuses.

-Ansel and Tookie egg the reviewers' house.

-Violet leaves Dex a goodbye drink. 

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Stumptown Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

What, are we role playing now?


Violet: You wanna know something kind of cheesy but completely honest.
Dex: Sure.
Violet: I feel like I could float away right now.
Dex: Really cheesy. I feel the same way.