Putting Their Heads Together - Succession
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Hey! It's the theme park.

It's Kendall's daughter's birthday.

Tom and shiv continue their dance.

Romand and Kendall visit the Asian guy. Logan os worried about him, and Kendall wants to hide that. Roman isn't so kind.

Kendall wants metrics KPIs and an office. Roman just does the same.

Greg doesn't want to do the news. He's against racism and lying. Tom says you don't go around talking about principles.

Shiv is still with Gil. Nate wants her to keek their affair silent.

Gil offers Shiv chief of staff for the president.

Tom doesn't know a thing about the news. The woman who runs it is not pleased. She assures Tom they're serious at their job.

Tom wants to cut expenses, but Syd tells him to fuck off.

Tom wants Greg to expose the waste at ATN.

Lawrence wants to drown Kendall in paperwork.

Gerri, I need something. Kendall's doing shit.

Roman wants Geri yo come by. He needs her and gets embarrassed.

Shiv doesn't want a three-year timeline nor does she want to start working straight away.

Roman discovered Lawrence's place is looking to unionize. He always does the opposite of Kendall who is anxious beyond belief.

Kendall says vaulter can be their loadstar. No retreat. Logan sides with Rkman and asks him to join the proxy fight.

Kendall does more coke.

Connor is still applying for the job of president of the united states.

Roman wants him to get a little experience.

Shiv realizes it's not so cool to fuck Kendall just for the hell of it.

Roman's girlfriend says he just did his job.

Shiv finally tells Tom. He can't believe she held back.

She doesn't want it. Tom is confused. She's just a modification to their plan.

She says it's only a play. What's the play? She would have deleveraged power to say no.

Tom will support her if she wants it.

Kendall tells Lawrence he's getting fucked. Kendall knows Lawrence fucked him, but he needs Lawrence to quit fucking with him. Lawrence thinks he's double-crossing his dad. Then Lawrence reveals everyone hates him. Too bad. He needs to talk about unionizing.

Kendall thinks Vaulter is the future of Waystar. He tells them the truth but asks them to work with him.

Greg is looking for apartments and he's seeing one in which he can't even stand up.

Kendall gives Greg one of the five apartments he bought to flip. Greg thinks he's joking.

He's so happy it's heartbreaking.

Kendall wants to hang out and have a party.

Shiv thinks Roman should let Kendall run with Vaulter. Roman wonders if he should be worried about Tom wanting to challenge him for CEO.

Roman is so rude to Tom making fun of his suits and Shiv joins in. Tom tells her to fuck off.

Tom wants to sleep in the guest room.

Shiv wonders whether she should go politics or Waystar. Tom thinks she should keep the plates spinning.

Everyone is playing everyone.

Kendall addresses Vaulter again. He fires everyone.

Why did he do it? Because his dad told him too.

Greg just wants to go to sleep, but the party won't end.

Shiv makes a joke about Gil needing hand gel when he shakes with a citizen. Then shiv fucks Gil for accepting an offer from her dad. He thinks Shivs connection to tom and ATN are a distraction. She quits when she's already been fired.

Shiv told Gil. Start looping her in she tells Logan.

Roman enters to be told Logan is the new prize.

You did good son. Make yourself at home.

Kendall is falling apart. When a clerk ignores him at a convenience store, he steals batteries just because he can.


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Succession Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Let me just make it very clear -- Kendall Roy is no longer relevant.


Tom: Three months ago I was at a meeting about how to stop kids from giving each other handy jobs on the runaway ghost train, and now I'm about to manage a billion-dollar news budge, so it's all good.
Shiv: I have my first handjob on the ghost train.