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Mike remembers the morning he woke up to find his parents were dead, and he tells Rachel he's taking the day off.

In a flashbacks, Harvey remembers finding his mother cheating for the umpteenth time. He hesitates to tell his father, but he later gets in an argument with his dad, where he reveals the affair. 

Dr. Agard thinks it's connected to his decision about resigning or not. She proposes that he's connecting his confrontation with his father, and his inability to back down from a fight, with his current situation.

In Mike's flashback, he refuses to go into his parent's funeral until his priest convinces him to. Later in high school, that same priest fails Mike on a paper because he cut class on parent's day. 

Instead of taking the F, Mike leaves school and steals back all the money his parents ever donated to the school.

In the present, Mike visits that same priest to confess his legal fraud and ask for advice about what he should do. The priest tells Mike that he is using his intelligence to fool people, and that makes him a bad person.

Mike shows him he never spent the money he stole back all those years ago.

Jack Soloff calls for a vote to remove Jessica as managing partner, so she enlists Louis' help to find out what Hardman has on Soloff. 

Father Sam asks Mike why he came to confession, and Mike admits that he's afraid if he leaves law behind, he'll lose Jessica because he'll no longer be the man she fell in love with. 

Louis confronts Hardman, and he threatens to go after Esther's company if Louis doesn't vote Jessica out. 

Harvey sees stepping down as abandoning Jessica, but Dr. Agard proposes that maybe it's the best way to support Jessica. 

Father Sam shows Mike that his grandmother donated the books his parents used to read to him as a kid and reassures him that Rachel will love him regardless of his career.

Donna goes to Dr. Agard, looking for Harvey, and she thanks the therapist for helping Harvey. 

Harvey steps down and Forstman backs off. Harvey admits that to the firm, discrediting Jack and Daniel's takeover bid. The partners vote in Jessica's favor. 

Mike resigns from the firm, and Harvey accepts his decision with grace. 

He tells Rachel that he's not going to be a lawyer anymore in order to give them a future together. As they leave the office, Mike is arrested for conspiracy to commit fraud. 

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I don't want to be an orphan.


Take a picture, because tomorrow morning? Those letters are coming down.